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 Here you can find sightseeing

in and around Hann. Münden.

  Stadt Hann. Münden


1. Hotel right Leineweber Str, links.Gimter Kirchweg on Tielebach half left cycle path towards nursery, tennis courts left to B3, the right path as far as old Werrabrücke (2.Brücke) right on the (Steinbogenbr.) To downtown Hann.Münden, after the bridge right on the Werra to Beat tip along the Fulda, past the covered footbridge right over the bridge to the tip of the lion Tanzwerder island (Weserstein confluence of Werra and Fulda)

The Gasthaus zum Weserstein offers lockable bicycle boxes.

Back on the Lions' Bridge straight up to the church square, on the left Blasius church and town hall. Visit the lower town hall, City Hall portal, direction Marktstr., Left into Lange Str. Towards old Werra bridge, a Str. Right before the bridge into the Sydekumstr.zum lock right into Marktstr., Left into Long Street, half-timbered houses before the rotunda right into Fuldabrückenstr, over the bridge, after the bridge turn right Fulda, 1km until you reach the river bridge right after the bridge bike path along the B3, according to the Hotel Auefeld left the bike path to Volkmarshausen.

Distance approx 12 KM

2. Hotel Leineweberstr ca, please stay right 1.3 Km to Landstr.nach Hemeln, push bike to the left, Highway

cross at the end of the opposite guardrail, right bike path to Hemeln, Gasthaus zur Ferry (Bohle) visit, with

translate the ferry, left cycle path to Hann.Münden, left over the river bridge, after the bridge bike path B3, after the hotel Auefeld left bike path to Volkmarshausen.

Distance approx 23 KM


3. As previously to Hameln more about Glashütte to Bursfelde tour of the old monastery church, stop at the Klostermühle

(Exit) Return via Hemeln Eichhof left to Volkmarshausen.

Distance about 35 Km

4.Hotel left bike path B3 Riecht.Göttingen, 200m follow Folienfabrik to right the bike path along the Schedetal Schede after

Niederscheden, follow the cycle path to Oberscheden up behind the old railway bridge, to the left through the Feldmark then on the old railway embankment to Well Ersen, B 3 cross country road to Varlosen.

Then direction Imbsen (abbreviation immediately after Löwenhagen! Steeply)

visit In Imbsen left over Löwenhagen by Niemetal after Bursfelde, Klosterkirche back over Glashütte Hemeln

Eichhof left to Volkmarshausen the hotel. (Partly steep)

Distance about 48 Km


5.Hotel right Leineweberstr.links Ginter Kirchweg, track cycling, Zielebach follow half left towards horticulture, tennis courts left,

Bike path B3 right to Hann.Münden straight, 3rd bridge steel arch bridge right after the bridge direction Laubach,

Oberode Hedemünden (Roman camp) Ziegenhagen (amusement park) and back.

Distance about 52 Km


6.Hotel right Leineweberstr. Links Gimter Kirchweg, track cycling, Zielebach half left towards horticulture consequences, tennis courts bike path left right B3 1 to Hann.Münden Bridge (Weserbrücke) right after the bridge,

after 200m turn left follow cycle track direction Kassel via Wilhelmshausen after Wahnhausen remain an der Fulda Fuldatalstr.

Hotel Gray Cat in Kassel to the Karlsaue Orangery, marble and flowers Siebenbergen Island and back .Kasseler cycling map are in the hotel .Rückfahrt by train from Kassel to Munden possible

Distance about 65 Km